The new album!


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Shalom and thank you for visiting my website :)) – I never take it for granted!

My heart continues to awaken every time anew, and the dance of my gift of song – to be able to draw from my heart and present to you musical jewels of love and joy – connects us once again.

The songs of “כמלאך” were granted to me by the kindness of Hashem and burst forth from within, in moments of inspiration, as well as in moments of joy and despair, during regular weekdays or during chagim. Each song relates a message, trying to find new meaning for us, about life, about the love of Hashem, and – above all – about true unity and connection.

Let’s journey together to new places, to new landmarks of yearning for closeness and for living lives of truth.

With a tefila that I will touch your hearts, “למצא חן ושכל טוב בעיני אלוקים ואדם”

Hoping to see you soon at one of my concerts…